Reconnecting to Oneness

 Despite 50 years of computer modeling that “…depicts a collapse scenario “suggests that it’s almost, but not yet too late for society to change course.”

Gaya Herrington, Renowned International Sustainability Advisor

Grab on to hope! Unlock your superpowers!

“… Ring the Bells that still can ring – Forget your perfect offering –

There is a crack in everything – That’s how the light gets in.”

Anthem by Leonard Cohen , Acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and author



We no longer have the luxury of tackling our challenges piecemeal. Most readers, and leaders, will be surprised at how quickly events will start unfolding now, but that they are, should not be a surprise at all.  For the Good of All, NOW! provides the context for understanding our time and the call to come together meaningfully and strategically, as engaged individuals, communities, organizations, and as one people, one world.

Chapter 1–DEEP SELF

The unlimited pursuit of the Greater Good for the Few will soon be replaced by the shared objective of the Good For All at all levels of human society.

When you become aware that you believe in yourself, your future is in your hands.” You have taken the first step, but you can’t do this alone. 


“The path to a life well-lived goes through uplifting the common good.”

If there was a simple practice that could help you do this while attracting more happiness and serenity in your life and the lives of those you love, would you pass it up?


“Only We the People are capable of restoring common sense values, by using the ancient practices of Circle and Prosocial technologies to coexist nonviolently, by vesting power in the individual, and achieving self-rule, For the Good of All.”

 Chapter 4 – ONENESS

“We are physical and spiritual beings deeply interconnected as one and inseparable from the web of all life. It is our responsibility and great privilege to become caretakers of each other and our world.”


This is not complicated! United, connected, in community, we empower each other to become the change we want to see in the world:

For the Good of All, NOW!